Crafting The Modern Kuantan

KotaSAS is an integrated mixed development masterplan that is unparalleled to any other in the State of Pahang. With its sheer magnitude and scale, KotaSAS is able to envision and impact significant change to the current landscape of Kuantan, into one that is poised for growth and modernization, especially within the East Coast Economic Region.

KotaSAS – The Capital City of East Coast Malaysia, now in the making.

  1. Main Entrance
  2. Central Business District
  3. Sultan Ahmad Shah Administrative Centre (PPSAS)
  4. Pahang Contingent Police Headquarters (IPK)
  5. ECRL KotaSAS Central
  6. Private Healthcare
  7. KotaSAS Grand Promenade
  8. Hypermarket & Mall
  9. Multi Storey Car Park
  10. Central Business District
  11. Atelier Waterfront
  12. Community + Sports Centre
  13. KotaSAS Hill Park
  14. State Mosque II
  15. Imam Shadie Mosque
  16. School
  17. Future School Complex
  18. Lakefront Signature Homes
  19. SpringVale Residences
  20. Evergreen Homes
  21. SPNB Townhouses
  22. Lakeside Homes
  23. Harmony Homes
  24. Azalea Residences
  25. Primrose Residences
  26. Easy Avenue
  27. Future Residential
  28. Future Commercial
  29. West Entrance
  30. East Entrance